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Research activity

Researchers at Sheffield Robotics are working on a number of projects involving Small Unmanned Aircraft, or drones. These vehicles range from small quadcopters to large multi-rotors and fixed wing platforms. Operations take place between our 22x15x9m indoor field robotics facility and our outdoor facility in a rural setting in the Peak District.

Large octocopter over Outdoor Field Robotics Facility

Current research projects include the development of a verifiable autonomous aircraft and collaboration between heterogeneous air and ground vehicles.

Commercial work

Sheffield Robotics holds permission from the UK Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial work with drones weighing up to 20kg. This enables us to conduct aerial filming/photography, surveying, inspection and public demonstrations in addition to our day to day research.

For more details about our commercial operations contact Owen McAree (Accountable Manager & Chief Pilot)


Sub 20kg: 2229