This research group carries out world leading research in autonomous processes and autonomous robotic systems by investigating key research problems of sensing, control, decision making and system integration. The group is a major contributor to the activities of the Sheffield Centre for Robotic Research (SCentRo). The collective competence of the group is unparalleled in the UK and covers most essential topics of this area: design of autonomous industrial robots, condition monitoring for fault tolerant autonomous systems, biologically inspired principles of sensing and control, international standards for autonomous robots, self-assembling robotic systems and swarms, advanced software architectures for decision making, autonomous hybrid systems modelling, formal verification, and distributed and parallel control systems.

Sheffield Robotics People:

Jonathan Aitken
Sean Anderson
Tony Dodd
Roderich Gross
Matthew Hawes
Lyudmila Mihaylova
Hongyang Qu
Michalis Smyrnakis
Sandor Veres
Shiyu Zhao

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